Aspire Extra Stength Fabric Resistance Bands


Introducing our highest quality resistance bands. Used daily in our facility by athletes at every level. Great for activating your glutes & hips prior to a workout or strengthening them during it. Comes in a pack of three; each with a different resistance level. 

Product Details:

  • Stitched with high-quality polyester/cotton stretch-fit fabric.

  • Firm & soft; super comfortable yet durable

  • A built-in elastic natural latex liner which increases the stretch capabilities and durability of the bands

  • 3 different tension levels

  • Travel Friendly; lightweight and portable design 

  • Comes with a high quality storage bag.

"I highly recommend these bands to any trainer or athlete. Simply put, they are better than all of the other "booty" bands that I have used in the past. They provide a more natural, user-friendly tension, pack easily, and look great. You can purchase with confidence." - Carson Fossum  | Founder, Royalty

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