Aspire Training Bands


Every training program will benefits from having the Aspire Training Bands. The 4 different resistance levels allow for endless training applications. Whether you're looking to assist with your last pull-up set or add accommodating resistance to your squat you'll be glad you have these bands in your training room. 

Product Details:

  • Great for strength training, stretching, physical therapy and Pilates.
  • Safe & durable; created with the highest quality natural latex; wear resistant and environmentally friendly.
  • Package consistent of 4 different resistance levels; color coordinated.   Red (15 - 35 lbs); Black (25 - 65 lbs); Purple (35 - 85 lbs); Green (50 - 125 lbs).
  • Use them individually or tie them together for additional benefit.
  • Great for developing power through accommodating resistance methods.

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